Volvo Group

Our day started with a tour of Volvo Cars and its factory. We got an inside view of how their vehicles are produced and the steps that are needed throughout the process. We were then able to go and have a sit down with Martin Lundstedt who is the CEO of Volvo Group. Their core […]

First Stop, Goteborg, Sweden!

Hello! Hallå! Tere! Hei, From Kyla & Victoria! As we make our journey to Stockholm we wanted to take the time to reflect on Goteborg and our company visits: Day 1: Our first stop was the Lindholmen Science Park, which was located close the the center of Gothenburg. A science park is a place that puts […]

Team öl snälla: Volvo Visit

On June 2, 2014, our team as well as our other classmates accompanying us on our Scandinavia trip recieved the opportunity to visit the Volvo Company, which is a Swedish multinational automobile manufacturing company headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden.  Before going to the brand experience center, we were able to test drive Volvo’s different array of […]

Team Lagom

The 15 hours of on campus lectures has come to an end. Team Lagom is ready to take on Scandinavian Culture in all its forms. Lagom is Swedish for “just the right amount”. There is no direct translation, but colloquially that is the equivalent. Lagom can be used in almost any situation. As a team, […]

Humble Volvo

Whilst in Gothenburg we had the pleasure of spending a day at the Volvo Car Corporation Headquarters. Not only did we hear from Volvo Cars’ VP of Human Resources, Björn Sällström, but we managed to take a lovely factory tour with our guide, Jonas, and spend an hour test driving some of their different models […]

Volvo: Mergers and Employee Relations

Our group had the opportunity to hear the Vice President of Human Resources speak about the impact of mergers on the culture of the company with Ford Motor Company (USA) and Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd (Chinese). With any merger, it can be hard to navigate the cultural differences in terms of communication and operations. Just […]

From Gothenburg

Hello again from Gothenburg, Sweden’s second city! Here is an update of the companies we visited along with some interesting insights. Chalmers Innovation Chalmers Innovation is a non-profit founded in 1997 with a donation from Sten A. Olson. Chalmers believes the startup is temporary and the transition is important. Chalmers Innovation is a technology-based incubator. […]

Positive Changes at Volvo Cars

Today we had the opportunity to visit the worldwide headquarters of Volvo right outside the city of Göteborg in Sweden. The day was full of a range of activities, from hearing the VP of Human Resources Björn Sällström give a company overview to learning about the measures Volvo takes to ensure optimal safety in all […]

The Future of Safety: The Story of Volvo

On Monday June 10, we were incredibly fortunate to visit Volvo Cars where we learned the history of Volvo and their current business outlook with the VP of human resources. Afterwards, we were given an in-depth walking tour of the safety features of Volvo cars and how their future plans would lead to their grand […]

Social media helping internal communication.

The social media world is connecting companies to the outside market more and more these days. However, it’s also an avenue for companies to communicate internally as well. This is a social media evolution that is going to spread like wild fire for global companies, especially when they see the value of time saved when […]