The Banks

We visited Nordea and Denmark’s National Bank in Copenhagen. These visits were very insightful. Nordea As described earlier in this blog Nordea uses a customer-centric approach which is very sustainable and self-directing business model. Because they are located in Sweden they have a technological advantage and can easily adapt system to serve costumers’ needs. They […]

From Gothenburg

Hello again from Gothenburg, Sweden’s second city! Here is an update of the companies we visited along with some interesting insights. Chalmers Innovation Chalmers Innovation is a non-profit founded in 1997 with a donation from Sten A. Olson. Chalmers believes the startup is temporary and the transition is important. Chalmers Innovation is a technology-based incubator. […]

Sustainable Stockholm

Hello again, Gerald and Jessica here again from Stockholm. Previously we touched on the corporate culture and office structure. This time we will look at the sustainability of several companies. Sandvik is a high tech engineering group that specializes in metals which was founded in 1862. Unlike many companies in their field Sandvik tries to […]

Chapman Business in Scandinavia – Team Ystad – Pre-Departure

Scandinavia, are you ready for us? Because here we come! We are Jessica and Gerald representing Ystad. Chapman University’s MBA Program has given us the unique opportunity to see Scandinavian’s business culture first hand and converse with a number of executives in multinational companies based in Scandinavia. Prior to departing, we learned about some of […]