Goodbye Sweet Sweden- Business Sweden & Volvo and Volvo Group

Business Sweden established themselves by stating, “We are business developers with a unique mandate to help Swedish companies grow global sales and international companies invest and expend in Sweden.” The mission of the Business Sweden is to assist startup companies with the creation and expansion of the company. According to Cecilia Öberg Leiram, their mission […]


For our last business visit in Sweden, we ended with a bang visiting the Volvo Cars manufacture and headquarters in Gothenburg where all the magic happens. It was definitely a very memorable visit for a lot of us primarily because we got to see behind the scenes of the whole car making process. We started […]

Hello Malmö

After a week in Stockholm, we made our way to Malmö. Malmö was a very different city than Stockholm- it varied in architecture, scale, and warmth. On Tuesday June 7th, we visited Media Evolution City which was located next to the old ports Malmo is known for. After entering the building, it gave us the […]

Redefining Media Evolution in Malmö and Beyond

Media Evolution is an innovative company in southern Sweden. Pernilla Lavesson, the Community Manager, stated that Media Evolution is not a start-up, but rather a collaborative effort company. The company was founded in 2011, and its competitive advantage is a triple helix that focuses on collaboration with the community, universities, and regional organizations. Media Evolution […]

Swedish Powerhouses Einride and Northvolt Making World-Wide Waves in Sustainability

Our time in Stockholm allowed us to visit big companies including our meeting with Einride Senior VP of Research and Public Affairs, Christofer Laurell, PhD. Einride specializes in electric and self-driving vehicles, or Einride pods. Einride wants to save the world by disrupting the global freight mobility ecosystem through the fully electric and autonomous pods. […]

Stockholm University: The Impact of Cultural Projections from Outside Perspectives

On Wednesday June 3rd, we had the opportunity to meet with Professor Jacob Östberg, PhD, at Stockholm University, Stockholm’s first modern university to cut religious connections to education. As far as business schools go, Stockholm business school studies business from a social science perspective and focuses more on the societal role that companies play in […]

Saab- Cutting-Edge Military Technology with a Cultural Lens

The company Saab is a well-known aerospace and defense company, and its core product segments are land, naval, air, and security.  Saab collaborates with a wide range of businesses and countries. Understanding the cultures of different countries is highly important to ensure clear and effective communication to avoid delays with business contracts. It might be […]

AT4 Minutes with SAAB

On Tuesday May 31st, 2022 we visited Saab Group World HQ and had the opportunity to hear Lars Tossman (Director & Head of Business of Kockums / Member of Saab Group Management). Originally, we remembered Saab as a car company so it was very interesting to see how they are now a an aerospace and […]

Green Trucking with Einride

On our first day in Stockholm, we visited Riksbank, the central bank of Sweden, and Einride, a tech start-up that has developed means to revolutionize the way we transport goods. Einride is capable of completely changing our current system of moving goods across land. They make electric, autonomous “pods” that can carry a shipping container […]

See you in Sweden

“Adventure is out there” – Up Meet Briana Hello! My name is Briana Sara, and I’m currently an MBA student at Chapman University. I also work in higher education and particularly in the health care field. I enjoy traveling and learning about different cultures. Unfortunately, I have not been able to travel to Europe before, […]