Volvo cars where sustainability means caring and consideration

Volvo is one of the safest car brand in the market, which cares for the people and the environment we are living in. The sustainability program in Volvo is called “Omtanke”, which means caring and consideration in Swedish. Volvo wants to protect what is important to of all us. Omtanke – Sustainability program in Volvo […]

Future of Green Energy at Orsted

The future of green energy: Ørsted A/S (formerly DONG Energy) is a power company based in Fredericia, Denmark. It is the largest energy company in Denmark. Through various company visits in Sweden and Denmark, I learnt that companies in the “blackest” industry such as transportation and energy have become more serious and passionate about being […]

CO2 emission reduction in Maersk

Commitments for Sustainability in Maersk: Maersk is serious and committed to doing their business towards sustainability, in which the biggest goal is CO2 emission reduction Overview on Maersk Maersk is a Danish business conglomerate based in Copenhagen, Denmark with activities in transportation, logistics and energy sectors. Maersk is the world’s largest container ship and vessel […]

Gender Equality in Practices

During the 3 day workshop in Lycksele, our team worked to develop on a brand new product called “Blue Dot”, which is an interactive open platform games for children and parents. Blue Dot serves as a supplementary education tool for parents and caregivers at school and at home combined with workshops to promote gender equality […]

Smart Growth Workshop in Lycksele

28 May 2018: 5am we got up early heading to the airport from Stockholm to Umea and taking a bus for 1.45 hour to Lycksele for a 3-day idea development workshop on the theme of Smart Growth . There was so much travelling plus jet lag that I passed out and missed dinner with everyone. […]