Scandinavian Business

Taking Business in Scandinavia was one of the best decisions I could have made.  The experience I gained and the business visits have been a priceless adventure.   As the trip comes to an end and I look at the many companies we visited, I have decided to give an award to one special company. […]

Baking Sweetness into Scandinavia

‘Baking with History’ This is the motto of Sweden’s oldest large-scale bakery, Pagen, in business since 1878. It was started in by a husband and wife team, who baked their bread and sold in the Tallgatan in Malmo. Anders Pahlsson who was a carpenter before becoming a baker; he was given an ultimatum to choose […]

The Way of the Scandinavian Viking King

Scandinavian Viking History  The Scandinavian countries all have one common link, they are descendants of Vikings. A group of people from the Scandinavian countries who sailed from A.D 800 to the 11th century. They were considered pirates, raiders, traders, and settlers in the British isles. The viking culture was much more than what Europe thought of […]

Natural Resources to help Kobenhavn to the Next Level

A Colorful Kobenhavn Kobenhavn is the capital of Denmark. There is little’ town’ of Nyhavn, a colorful neighborhood buildings on the waterfront. Each house is filled with history because the oldest house dates back to the 1600s. The waterfront neighborhood (constructed by King Christian V) was a way for ships and sailors to travel from the […]

Copenhagen & Oslo

Copenhagen Population: 763,908 Dong Energy Established in 2006, Dong Energy is a company that transforms energy systems “to more renewable and sustainable energy” via offshore wind turbine farms. Dong Energy has 6,200 employees with a presence in Scandinavia, Germany, Netherlands, U.S., U.K. and Taiwan. Denmark owns 50% of the company. Dong supplies energy to Danish residents as […]

Sweden – Part 2

Malmö, Sweden Throughout our visits, it was very evident that Scandinavian countries value their natural resources immensely and are strategic in the way that they promote eco-friendly products. A little town in Southern Sweden, Malmö, was no different. Orbital Systems When you have NASA as a customer, the opportunities for growth are endless. Orbital Systems uses […]

The end of the Scandinavia travel course

The last company we visited was Nettavisen. It is a Norwegian online newspaper, launched in 1996 as the first in the country that was not created as part of a pre-existing newspaper. Now it is one of the most popular news websites in the country. Knowing that many Norwegians love writing blogs, the company provides […]

A Hearty Mixture of Old and New Sweden

Southern Sweden, slightly warmer and full of history Southern Sweden is just as beautiful as Norrbotten County; the aerial view of Stockholm shows lush trees and blue ocean can take anyone’s breathe away. During the cultural outings, a few of the classmates explored Gamla Stan. The name itself means “Old Town’ and home to one of the […]

End of the road

The Scandinavian Travel Course finally ended. I have experienced unforgettable visits, sceneries, and people. At this point of end, I want to review my journey to Scandinavian countries.   We visited a large variety of institutions in terms of scale and characteristic. Some companies started their business just a few years ago. Some companies are […]

Green energy in Denmark

I didn’t know about Danish industry before this course. The “Lego” in that my first daughter is interested in, and pastries are the only Danish products what I know about. Today (June 6, 2017) I came to know about the world-leading Danish company in wind power field, “DONG energy.” The business areas of the company […]