Hej Scandinavia, Tai and Adrineh here!

Hey! Hei! Hej!

Meet the Team! My name is Theresa Keh, and I am in the full-time Professional MBA program at Chapman University. I graduated from the University of California, Riverside back in 2013 with an Economics degree. I just finished up my first internship this past spring as a tax intern at White Nelson Diehl Evans.  I’ve […]

Team Kricket

Richard Lobel: Richard Lobel is a first year MBA student with a passion for history and finance. Currently he is working in an investment bank as a securities analyst. For over a decade investing has been his passion and now he finally is developing crucial work experience in that field. Richard it Rick is well […]

Business in Scandinavia

Ready for a new business adventure? I am Pilar, an MBA candidate at Chapman University, and I am ready to immerse myself in the business world of Scandinavia. I am intrigued and eager to learn for instance how people from Scandinavian countries have been able to balance making money and enjoying life, something that many […]

The Odyssey to the Great North!

A little bit about Me My name is John Deirmenjian, and I have just completed my first year at Chapman University’s MBA program. I recieved my Bachelor’s in European and Middle Eastern History from Bucknell Universty. My hobbies and interests include swimming, surfing, water polo, yoga, mixed martial arts, reading any kind of fiction, and […]

Meet The Team!

Jacqueline My name is Jacqueline, and I’m currently in Chapman’s Full-Time MBA program. While studying abroad in undergrad, I realized I enjoyed studying Global Business so much that I added Global Studies as a second major. I am extremely excited to be part of this travel course and learning more about business in Scandinavia. Atorina […]

And We’re Off!

Meet McKenzie! My name is McKenzie and I am a current MBA student at Chapman University. I have a passion for traveling, people, and brand marketing so I am looking forward to obtaining a better understanding of the differences with cultural and business practices between the U.S. and Scandinavia. I hope to specifically focus on […]

Volvo cars where sustainability means caring and consideration

Volvo is one of the safest car brand in the market, which cares for the people and the environment we are living in. The sustainability program in Volvo is called “Omtanke”, which means caring and consideration in Swedish. Volvo wants to protect what is important to of all us. Omtanke – Sustainability program in Volvo […]

Bonus: Gothenberg Cultural Experience

Having done my undergrad at Chapman as well, I was a very active member of Alpha Kappa Psi, the co-ed business fraternity on campus. This experience led me to meet brothers from all majors, backgrounds, and places. Three years out from his graduation, I finally got to visit my AKPsi uncle, Filip, in my Greek […]


Catching a train from Gothenburg, our final leg of this trip landed us in Denmark! Aquaporin,  a global water technology company dedicated to revolutionizing water purification through the use of industrial biotechnological techniques and thinking, was our first stop. Immediately upon walking in you can’t ignore the architecture of the office. It offers a clean […]