The End to Our Business Trip in Scandinavia

While spending two beautiful weeks in Northern Europe it looks like our trip has come to an end. Coming from America and being used to the way our corporate culture works, it was inspiring to experience that  there are different ways to operate businesses and yet remain successful. The core values of the companies in […]

Copenhagen: the happiest city in the world.

Last but not least, Denmark is our final destination for this business trip. As linked to Malmo, located in the Southern of Sweden, we actually visited different businesses in both Copenhagen and Malmo within two days. Our most interesting trip is visiting Maersk A/S, also known as A.P Moller. Being in the shipping industry since […]

Denmark: The Hoppiest Way to End Biz Scand

Halløj from København! Copenhagen has been an exciting city and we have enjoyed the warm weather! We can confirm that the best way to see Copenhagen is on a bicycle. The colorful buildings and waterfronts give this place a special charm. We’ve gotten to enjoy some seafood and marveled in the majestic Tivoli Gardens. While […]

Stockholm with Adrineh and Tai

Hej alla! Arriving in Stockholm, Sweden, we finally experienced beautiful weather in the Nordic region. We instantly knew this was going to be one of the more memorable trips for us considering we are planned to stay here quite a bit longer. Besides exploring the beautify Old Town with so many different cultural and historical […]

e-Estonia: A Country that Can Run on a Phone

Estonia is the world’s first e-nation and has been hailed as one of the most digitally advanced societies in the world since its independence from the Soviets in 1991. They realized the power of data early on and made efforts in investing in informational technology which has allowed for them to digitize public services so […]

End of the Odyssey

It just fees like yesterday I was being greeted by a cold and rainy Helsinki afternoon! To say this trip has been a pleasant surprise would be an understatement. Over the past 2 weeks, I had the honor of being exposed to four unique ethnic cultures. Estonia’s plight to modernize was tangible the moment I […]

An Amazing Experience

Visiting 5 different countries was the most amazing experience for a student. Many of the places reminded us of our favorite movies and provided us with views of a architectural society we are not use to. Almost every business we visited let us know they implemented a flat structure and how successful it was as […]

Modern Arch’

Bold architecture made its mark in Malmo While in Malmo, we had short visit to a remarkable building known as the Turning Torso. Known as the worlds first twisting skyscraper, the tower completes a 90 degree twist from bottom to top. Completed in 2005 the tower is still the tallest in Scandinavia at 190 meters […]

Move it with Maersk

The little Danish shipper that survived the storms While in Copenhagen, we visited Maersk Group, the worlds largest containership operator and associated services. Our hosts Jonas Linnebjerg, Thomas Lassen, and Frederik Dago very graciously shared some knowledge about Maersk and the company’s strategy. The parent company Maersk Group had total revenue of ~$39 billion in […]

The Nordic Business Model

Northvolt mainly focus on European market and collaborate closely with strategic European industrial partners. They almost cover every aspects of batteries’ application and Northvolt is the largest batteries company in Europe. In order to achieve ~70% lower emissions, they set three sustainability set-up that are selecting upstream suppliers, integrating cathode production and leveraging zero emissions […]