Gender Equality in Practices

During the 3 day workshop in Lycksele, our team worked to develop on a brand new product called “Blue Dot”, which is an interactive open platform games for children and parents. Blue Dot serves as a supplementary education tool for parents and caregivers at school and at home combined with workshops to promote gender equality

Why we need Blue Dot? Because we need to break down barriers!
We need Blue Dot because there are so many inequalities that we can see. Inequalities can be seen in serious things as sex discrimination or racism, or can be as simple as telling your daughters that dolls are for girls and football is for boys. No one is born with biases, but as we grow up, biases are applied to us as a result of social perceptions.
As a supplementary education tool, Blue Dot will help to break down gender stereotypes and traditional gender roles to empower all children to develop self-confidence and self-worth
How will Blue Dot work? Education in fun and interactive approaches
Blue Dot will work based on two approaches
First, Blue Dot works as an open platform game for children and parents. Parents and children must work in tandem to progress. The game will change and evolve as children grow
Second, there will be offline theme days and workshops for children and caregivers to participate. Children will learn about opportunities which may have traditionally been seen as male or female. There will be “Tike Talk”, which is Ted Talks for children, which will be recorded, may be broadcast live on Blue Dot’s app, website or Youtube channel.
How to do Funding and Marketing for Blue Dot?
Funding: There are four main ways to get funds for Blue Dot
• State funding
• Project funding through NGOs such as: UNWomen, CARE, InterAction
• Crowdfunding for example through kickstarter
• Corporate funds: Blue Dot will reach out to corporations whose businesses are related to women, children or humanity, or any businesses that care about sustainability and social issues
Marketing: Blue Dot will do direct marketing to parents, in-app advertising through existing games
What are the benefits of Blue Dot: Building a better world for our children
• Children grow up without the bias of “traditional” roles and allow themselves to have the confidence to reach for any dream they wish
• Promote equality in race/gender/ability
• Prevent discrimination, bullying, etc.
• Level the career playing field
• Make visible how the world can look when there is equality and create a model to strive for
• Nurture confident citizens not tied down by stereotypes
What is the competition Blue Dot has to face?
• Games, media content, social media
• All other things that are competing on screen time
Conclusion: Blue Dot is a game like no other, Blue Dot is a non-profit product, serving as a equalizer for gender, races, ability. Blue Dot helps to build a better world for our next generations. Blue Dot contributes to sustainability, which is the theme for the workshop because after all, the most fundamental thing is human

With Blue Dot, we won a prize of 30,000 Kronor which we all gave back to the school at Umea where our Swedish team mates are working so they can develop the idea further