During our visit to Stockholm University, we met with a marketing professor who discussed marketing concepts that underlie the strategies companies employ in the advertisements I am exposed to on a daily basis. These strategies revolve around the concept of country mythologies: the beliefs that other countries possess about the culture of a particular country. […]

Volvo Group

For the last meeting of the trip, we had the pleasure to visit the Volvo Group, located in Gothenburg! The meeting was led by Martin Lundstedt who is the President and CEO of the entire company. It was quite remarkable seeing someone who has over 95,000 employees globally take time out of his day to […]

An Ode to My Favorite Country

This blog post serves as a love letter to the country that I feel so fortunate to have experienced over the past 3 weeks. I’ve found that a lot of the ideals that I hold are also embedded within the country’s values. Take environmental sustainability, for instance: I am an ardent believer in the notion […]

Swedish Sauna Culture

It was first during our visit to the Finnish Institute where we learned just how essential the sauna was to the Finnish culture; as Sweden and Finland are inextricably linked neighbors with hardly any differences between cultures, we also learned how important it was to Swedish culture as well. During our stay in Malmo, Professor […]

Stockholm-Away-From-Home University

On Friday, June 2nd 2022 we had the opportunity to visit Stockholm University. We were greeted by Professor Jacob Ostberg who specializes in teaching marketing and advertising. Stockholm University is regarded as one of the top 100 universities in the world. We got to visit the newer campus part of campus where construction is still […]

Business Sweden

Business Sweden’s purpose is to help Swedish companies grow their global sales and international companies invest and expand in Sweden. They have an array of offices which they utilize to their advantage when helping companies and startups expand. Their value proposition which allows them to reach potential for companies is to shorten their time to […]

Media Evolution

Media Evolution is a nonprofit organization that brings together the innovative tech agencies, the creatives, the big corps, the strategists, and the local municipalities. Their goal is to foster growth and innovation in the digital world. They do so by offering a platform with plenty of formats for sharing ideas, developing competencies, and innovation processes. […]

Volvo Group

Our day started with a tour of Volvo Cars and its factory. We got an inside view of how their vehicles are produced and the steps that are needed throughout the process. We were then able to go and have a sit down with Martin Lundstedt who is the CEO of Volvo Group. Their core […]


For our last business visit in Sweden, we ended with a bang visiting the Volvo Cars manufacture and headquarters in Gothenburg where all the magic happens. It was definitely a very memorable visit for a lot of us primarily because we got to see behind the scenes of the whole car making process. We started […]

Tack-you Sweden

Hello from Gothenburg! During our last stop through Sweden, we have found ourselves in the heart of Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city. In such a short amount of time we have explored and obtained a vast knowledge of the Scandinavian outlook on business throughout our visits to numerous companies. We have been beyond lucky to […]