Sweden is as Green as Their Trees

The days leading up to our departure of Stockholm there was one company that really stood out as leading the way for innovation and sustainability. Northvolt is a company that is focusing on changing the future of how batteries are made, maintained, and recycled. They’re building the world’s first and largest battery factory that is […]

Beauty of the North: North Sweden Living

Piteå is growing in population, containing about 41,000 people in North Sweden. It is the smallest city (in population) on our itinerary for Sweden. Still, it was a great place to begin our journey through Sweden. Sometimes small cities are a headache to get to, but traveling to Piteå was fairly easy. There were no […]

Northvolt – One of the World’s Most Sustainable Battery Companies

“Battery power will enable us to be significantly more environmentally friendly in all we do. We are working to make a compelling business case for batteries over the full value chain,” Tom Johnstone, Industrial Advisor for Northvolt, said. Today we are so glad to have visited Northvolt battery company. Martin Anderlind, head of business development […]

Stockholm – A Sustainable City

After leaving northern Sweden, we traveled farther south to Stockholm. Our first day in Stockholm had a later start that allowed some of us to adventure off into the early morning of Galma Stan (Old Town Stockholm) and explore the vast culture and history of a vibrant city. As we were walking around the city […]

Evolving Industries in Norrbotten, Sweden

  Almost every city in Sweden has a science park where there is a community of many scientific companies and incubators. We were lucky enough to visit Pitea and Lulea’s science parks. One of the many innovative companies in the Lulea is Compodium, whose main business is to provide security solutions to top decision makers. […]

Sustainability in Piteå

We started our first business tour with Böle Tannery, the world’s last spruce tannery established in 1899 and is found in Piteå, Sweden. Böle produces handcrafted cattle and reindeer leather goods and is a purveyor to the Swedish court. They have been practicing sustainable production techniques, including creating lasting leather products that are hand stitched, […]

Business, Culture, and a Chapman MBA (Scandinavian Experience)

If earning my MBA from Chapman has not been a great experience in itself, Chapman had the nerve to offer a Business in Scandinavia elective course.  For me it was a no brainier. Knowing absolutely nothing about the Scandinavian countries I signed up. In reasearching and attending the pre-travel courses, my expectations for Scandinavia has […]

Adventures Ahead: From Los Angeles to Stockholm

The itinerary for our trip consists of visits to Pitea, Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Oslo. Having never traveled to Sweden, Denmark or Norway before, it will be an adventure! I can’t wait to see the midnight sun, and experience the beautiful Scandinavian cityscapes. A group of us are going early to explore Stockholm before the official […]

Hej Scandinavia!

As we wrap up classes and pre-travel get togethers all the students and professors are getting themselves ready to say “Hej”. In preparation for our flights and beginning in Stockholm and Piteå, excitement is everywhere for the adventures that we will experience and the memories that we will make. Our fortunate endeavors will leave us […]

Goodbye Scandinavia

Hi everyone, first and foremost, we want to tell you that our trip was absolutely incredible and something that we will never forget! Seeing different parts of the world makes you cherish all the of great things we have at home, as well as take back information that can benefit our lives and businesses in […]