Danish Society and Etiquette 101

Danish Society & Culture When visiting a Scandinavian country the most important preparation one can do is to read about the culture.  Becoming familiar with the country’s etiquette and learning the dos and don’ts before arriving will take you a long way. As an American visiting a Scandinavian country I noticed a few small differences that […]

Yay Scandinavia!

Oh, Scandinavia! Every company that we visited in Scandinavia displayed similar values: collaboration, social responsibility, green / eco-friendly initiatives. By utilizing hydro-power, wind-power, natural cooling, spruce bark, natural ingredients, talent and technological advances have positioned Scandinavia to be a world-leader in various market segments. By harnessing their natural resources and talent, their competitive advantage and edge […]

Sweden the New Playground for IT Start-ups

Working in the IT community makes me appreciate the resources Sweden offers.  Entrepreneurship is encouraged and resources for starting a business are available for all residents. As a part of our adventure in Scandinavia we have visited many companies in Sweden, including some recent start-ups.  Two of the first companies we meet with were Piteå Science Park and Luleå […]

Takeaways from Scandinavia: Valuing Life Outside of the Office

The biggest takeaway from the Business in Scandinavia Travel Course to Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, is that Scandinavians place a higher importance on life outside of the office compared to Americans. This was the most consistent difference that I discovered between the American and Nordic business cultures. In America, maternity leaves are brief, workers often […]

Scandinavia is One of the Greenest Regions

Our journey through Sweden, Denmark and Norway has enlightened us on how Scandinavian countries differ significantly from the US. One thing that stands out the most is the concept of sustainability and the utilization of clean and green energy throughout the countries. Most of the companies we visited, whether they were well established or start-ups, […]

Copenhagen is Utilizing Sustainability

One our last day in Copenhagen, we continued our trend of visiting innovative companies. Dong energy was our first and only stop for the day before departing to Oslo. Dong Energy is a Danish run energy company that was created out of the merger of six smaller companies when Denmark wanted to compete on a […]

Malmö is Keeping Sweden Green

We detoured from Copenhagen because of a national holiday to go back to Sweden. Our business tour began at Orbital Systems in the small, but mighty town of Malmö. Orbital Systems is considered the shower of the future. Their shower was initially designed for space so that minimal water was used while optimal cleaning was […]

Exploring Scandinavian Cuisine

One of the best ways to learn about a culture is to try the regional cuisine. While in Sweden, I tried a multitude of regional dishes with origins from both the North and South of the country. Some characteristics of classic Swedish cuisine include a wide variety of unique meat dishes, including cured reindeer, moose […]

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm   Upon arrival in Stockholm, it was apparent that the Swedish culture remained strong, even in a bigger metropolitan city. At Keolis, a transportation company based out of France, has become the first bus transportation company to utilize fossil free fuel (they are using biodiesel such as HVO, ethanol and gas) in Sweden. Keolis currently […]

Sweden is as Green as Their Trees

The days leading up to our departure of Stockholm there was one company that really stood out as leading the way for innovation and sustainability. Northvolt is a company that is focusing on changing the future of how batteries are made, maintained, and recycled. They’re building the world’s first and largest battery factory that is […]