Smart Growth Workshop in Lyksele, Sweden

On our trip to Scandinavia we visited the northern, Lapland area of Lyksele to attend a smart growth workshop. During the three day intensive workshop we were put into groups based upon our mutual interest in predetermined topics. The topic that we partook in was of gender equality. During this workshop we were assigned to choose from three previously brainstormed ideas and to build a campaign around it. Our group was not entirely impressed by any one idea so we decided to combine ideas and expand upon each of them. Our idea was to create a game that could be utilized by children in schools in conjunction with theme days, all with the purpose of promoting equality. These theme days and the game would be designed to teach inclusivity and acceptance and deter discrimination of any kind not just gender bias. The name of our company is Blue Dot, which represents the world and how we are all inhabitants of a single blue dot floating in space. The name is meant to show that even though the world is large, we are all similar in some way.


One of the tasks of this workshop was to create a sixty second elevator pitch to explain the deliverables of our product and why it is important. This hook was personally written by us, Laura and Ali:


No one is born with bias. Our mission is to foster a culture of equality by teaching our children acceptance and self-worth. At Blue Dot we have created a supplemental education program that utilizes an open platform app, in conjunction with theme days, to be played in schools as well as in the home with guardians. The app will include quests that teach critical thinking for real-life situations that encourage children to consider the consequences of their actions. Theme days will include topics that challenge traditional gender roles as well as career exploration that exposes children to a broader range of academia. We will market to schools as well as directly to parents by in-app advertising through existing games. Our program will be state funded with further income sourced from crowdfunding. Additionally, we will partner with existing non-profit organizations whose work focuses on gender equality around the world. This program will equip children with the tools to promote equality, prevent discrimination and bullying, and level the career playing field. We firmly believe that by providing children with bias free education we can create an ongoing culture of acceptance.


In addition to this elevator pitch we created a three minute presentation that explained the purpose of our program and how we were going to execute it. Blue dot was created to allow children career exploration that they would not normally get in schools as well as to celebrate men and women in roles that are traditionally considered male and female dominated. By doing this we believe that we can prevent bias before it occurs by showing that regardless of race, gender, or ability, everyone has the same opportunities and skill sets to choose whichever career path interests them the most. Additionally, we want to supply parents with the resources to continue this education outside of the classroom.


We believe in the mission we created at Blue Dot and it seems that our purpose was positively received by the judges at the workshop as Blue Dot one first place in the competition. In addition to this honor, we receive 30,000 Swedish Krones to kickstart the development of the Blue Dot company and platform. We hope that this money will be passed on to people who can see that our vision will come to fruition and have a positive impact on children’s education in Sweden and worldwide.