Smart Growth Workshop in Lyksele, Sweden

On our trip to Scandinavia we visited the northern, Lapland area of Lyksele to attend a smart growth workshop. During the three day intensive workshop we were put into groups based upon our mutual interest in predetermined topics. The topic that we partook in was of gender equality. During this workshop we were assigned to […]

Volvo Headquarters

    6/4/2018   While in Gothenburg, Sweden we had the opportunity to visit the Volvo headquarters where we spent a good portion of the day learning about the company, seeing some of their work done up close and personal in their factories, and test driving vehicles. Volvo is a Swedish car manufacturer and they […]

Kubb aka Viking Chess

One of the best things about Stockholm is the number of parks weaved throughout the city. It is easy to grab a quick bite and find a nice spot to sit and relax. During a day of exploration we came across a small park where some children were playing a game I didn’t recognize. From […]

There’s Always Time For Fika

The first thing we noticed at the Finish Embassy in Stockholm is that the intercom on the front door only has 2 buttons: Reception and Sauna. Apparently, for those that know the Finnish people, this was not surprising in the least. However, the most memorable aspect of our visit was our host Lars’ push to […]

Company Visit: Dagens Samhälle

The first company visit of our Scandinavian journey was to Dagens Samhalle, a news publication both in print and online. Chief Editor, Olov Carlsson provided us with the history of his publication and a current snapshot of the sensibilities of the Swedish people. Some key characteristics of Swedes are a strong individualism, unimportance of religion, […]

Company Visit: Northvolt

Sustainable living is an important issue for many Swedes, which is why a company like Northvolt coming out of Stockholm is not surprising. Northvolt is a high capacity battery company lead by CEO Peter Carlsson. Carlsson spent years as CPO of Tesla, and after his departure from the company, was able to use his knowledge […]