Volvo Headquarters





While in Gothenburg, Sweden we had the opportunity to visit the Volvo headquarters where we spent a good portion of the day learning about the company, seeing some of their work done up close and personal in their factories, and test driving vehicles. Volvo is a Swedish car manufacturer and they sell cars all over the world. At the Gothenburg headquarters they make cars to order in this factory. They even have a program where you can purchase a new car and they will pay for your plane ticket and hotel so that you may visit Sweden to come pick the car up and drive it around Europe before it is shipped home to you in the United States.


While in the showroom at the Volvo headquarters we saw a brand new car, the XC40, that was designed specifically for millennials (see images below). The car was a midsize sports utility vehicle designed to blend the urban and off-roading needs of the millennial driver. Additionally, we saw samples of all the different color exteriors available as well as the available colors and textiles of the interiors (see images below). Volvo also has an extensive gift shop where the Volvo enthusiast can purchase clothing, model cars, and other merchandise.


On the tour of the factory we visited the press shop where the foundations of the car are made. We learned that Volvo reinforces their cars with boron steel, the strongest steel in the world, making the vehicles as safe as possible. Volvo has a mission that no fatalities will occur in any new car in 2020. This is a bold statement to promise and we were impressed with Volvo’s commitment to the safety of their customers. While on the tour we also learned about the Volvo subscription service where customers pay a fee and they can switch out their cars at certain time intervals allowing them the opportunity to drive the newest models. Also, Volvo plans to make all their new cars electric by 2019. Volvo specifies that their cars are made by Sweden and not just made in Sweden in order to emphasize the clean and precise design.


To finish off the day at Volvo we test drove cars along their test track. The purpose of the test track is to allow customers to get a feel for how the car drives before making their ultimate purchasing decision. This opportunity was truly a unique experience as we were able to test drive many of the newest Volvo models and become acquainted with their unique features and latest technologies. A personal favorite feature was the massage in the driver and passenger side seats.  Other impressive features were the keyless ignitions and the miles per hour projected onto the windshield to allow the driver to check their speed without averting their gaze from the road.


Overall, this was a truly unique experience that we were able to take part in. Seeing the processes that the cars go through as well as the transformation that Volvo is undertaking to make safer cars without emissions really increased our respect for the company as a whole. Volvo is truly a market leader in their industry.