There’s Always Time For Fika

The first thing we noticed at the Finish Embassy in Stockholm is that the intercom on the front door only has 2 buttons: Reception and Sauna. Apparently, for those that know the Finnish people, this was not surprising in the least. However, the most memorable aspect of our visit was our host Lars’ push to […]

Spotify: Music For Everyone!

Question: Is it possible to have a global culture for all of your markets around the world? Answer: No Questions: Do you foresee that happening as a possibility in the near future? Answer: On a global scale it is nearly impossible. Spotify has dominated the music streaming industry in ways no other company can imagine. […]

Team Sladdertacka (the gossip sheep)

Sladdertacka is slang for someone who is a gossip.  What more fitting name to be called in reference to a blog? Sustainability and the 3 p’s We have decided to focus our evaluation of Scandinavian business primarily through the lens of observable differences in sustainability from the typical American business as operations effect the people […]

Stena Cares

On the morning of our departure from Gothenburg to Copenhagen, Denmark, we managed to squeeze in one final stop at the Stena AB Headquarters. This was a pleasant surprise announcement, as aside from learning different ship types, I found what was presented about the company to be most illuminating and interesting. Stena AB is one […]

Humble Volvo

Whilst in Gothenburg we had the pleasure of spending a day at the Volvo Car Corporation Headquarters. Not only did we hear from Volvo Cars’ VP of Human Resources, Björn Sällström, but we managed to take a lovely factory tour with our guide, Jonas, and spend an hour test driving some of their different models […]

Embracing Green Building

Following our departure from Gotland, we were thinking about our visit to the Bungenäs limestone quarry and how the architect’s design concept for the land fit with the Swede’s minimalism and all around concern for the environment. To begin with, here is a little background on the island. Unlike the rest of Sweden, Gotland is […]

Sweden – The modest best in class

Many Swedish companies lead their industry, or hold a top three position, and yet have a difficult time boasting about it. Carlsberg’s slogan says it best, “Probably the best beer in the world.” Regardless of whether or not it’s true, the Swedish people have a modest way about bragging about themselves. This complicates their social […]

Välkommen till Skandinavien

Greeting from Jared Dean and Emily Hormuth, aka Team Malmö. Jared is a first year MBA student at Chapman emphasizing in finance. Emily is a first year MBA student at Chapman interested in human capital consulting. Visiting the ABBA museum in Stockholm @jareddean23 #bizscand #chapmanu… — Emily Hormuth (@LMBRLADY) June 1, 2013 We arrived […]

Business in Scandinavia 2012

The third edition of Business in Scandinavia is being offered for the Summer of 2012. Please refer to the Business in Scandinavia Facebook Page for updates. If you are a Chapman University MBA student interested in participating, please send an email to Niklas Myhr at myhr  at to learn if a late add is […]