Excited for the Swede life!

Hi there! My name is Haley Holroyd and I am currently pursuing my MBA at Chapman with concentrations in Strategic Management and Marketing. I am expecting to complete my program December 2022, so this travel course is one of my final four classes! I also attended Chapman for my undergraduate studies, where I received a […]

The Way of the Scandinavian Viking King

Scandinavian Viking History  The Scandinavian countries all have one common link, they are descendants of Vikings. A group of people from the Scandinavian countries who sailed from A.D 800 to the 11th century. They were considered pirates, raiders, traders, and settlers in the British isles. The viking culture was much more than what Europe thought of […]

Scandinavia is One of the Greenest Regions

Our journey through Sweden, Denmark and Norway has enlightened us on how Scandinavian countries differ significantly from the US. One thing that stands out the most is the concept of sustainability and the utilization of clean and green energy throughout the countries. Most of the companies we visited, whether they were well established or start-ups, […]

Exploring Scandinavian Cuisine

One of the best ways to learn about a culture is to try the regional cuisine. While in Sweden, I tried a multitude of regional dishes with origins from both the North and South of the country. Some characteristics of classic Swedish cuisine include a wide variety of unique meat dishes, including cured reindeer, moose […]

Northvolt – One of the World’s Most Sustainable Battery Companies

“Battery power will enable us to be significantly more environmentally friendly in all we do. We are working to make a compelling business case for batteries over the full value chain,” Tom Johnstone, Industrial Advisor for Northvolt, said. Today we are so glad to have visited Northvolt battery company. Martin Anderlind, head of business development […]

Evolving Industries in Norrbotten, Sweden

  Almost every city in Sweden has a science park where there is a community of many scientific companies and incubators. We were lucky enough to visit Pitea and Lulea’s science parks. One of the many innovative companies in the Lulea is Compodium, whose main business is to provide security solutions to top decision makers. […]

Scandinavia’s Home Market: The World

Throughout our trip, there has been one approach to operating a business in Scandinavia which seems much different from the average start-up in the United States. The approach we are referencing is rooted in the business attitudes of operating internationally. For example, a start-up in the United States may have only domestic plans for the […]

Stena AB Takes Care

Our visit to Stena AB in Göteborg, their hub of operations in Sweden, was quite compelling. Stena’s focus lies mainly on ferry routes, shipping, offshore drilling, property, finance, adactum, as well as recycling, environmental services and trading. Stena refers to these business areas as the Stena Sphere. Currently Stena has 22,000 employees worldwide. From our […]

Scandinavia- Human Capital Summary

Emily and I set out on our adventure to Scandinavia with the intention of analyzing the manner in which Scandinavian businesses utilize human capital, the hiring and retention practices of companies, and the potential differences that could exist between the United States and Scandinavia. Throughout our company visits, one thing that really stuck out to […]

Survival through Adaptation

Our last visits in Gothenburg and Copenhagen took us to a start up incubator named Chalmers Innovation along with two established banks with Nordea Bank and Denmark National Bank. Traditionally, the biggest companies in Sweden are owned by a few major owners which has persisted over many years of time. This idea contrasts with those […]