Swedish Lapland: Little but Fierce

Piteå Population: 42,000 Our class was fortunate enough to visit a few companies during our stay in Norrbotten and so we started off our tour with the only tannery in the world that utilizes spruce bark to color their leather products, Bōle. Bōle has passed down the company business and production traditions generation after generation which was […]

Evolving Industries in Norrbotten, Sweden

  Almost every city in Sweden has a science park where there is a community of many scientific companies and incubators. We were lucky enough to visit Pitea and Lulea’s science parks. One of the many innovative companies in the Lulea is Compodium, whose main business is to provide security solutions to top decision makers. […]

Sustainability in Piteå

We started our first business tour with Böle Tannery, the world’s last spruce tannery established in 1899 and is found in Piteå, Sweden. Böle produces handcrafted cattle and reindeer leather goods and is a purveyor to the Swedish court. They have been practicing sustainable production techniques, including creating lasting leather products that are hand stitched, […]