Yay Scandinavia!

Oh, Scandinavia! Every company that we visited in Scandinavia displayed similar values: collaboration, social responsibility, green / eco-friendly initiatives. By utilizing hydro-power, wind-power, natural cooling, spruce bark, natural ingredients, talent and technological advances have positioned Scandinavia to be a world-leader in various market segments. By harnessing their natural resources and talent, their competitive advantage and edge […]

Copenhagen & Oslo

Copenhagen Population: 763,908 Dong Energy Established in 2006, Dong Energy is a company that transforms energy systems “to more renewable and sustainable energy” via offshore wind turbine farms. Dong Energy has 6,200 employees with a presence in Scandinavia, Germany, Netherlands, U.S., U.K. and Taiwan. Denmark owns 50% of the company. Dong supplies energy to Danish residents as […]

Sweden – Part 2

Malmö, Sweden Throughout our visits, it was very evident that Scandinavian countries value their natural resources immensely and are strategic in the way that they promote eco-friendly products. A little town in Southern Sweden, Malmö, was no different. Orbital Systems When you have NASA as a customer, the opportunities for growth are endless. Orbital Systems uses […]

Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm   Upon arrival in Stockholm, it was apparent that the Swedish culture remained strong, even in a bigger metropolitan city. At Keolis, a transportation company based out of France, has become the first bus transportation company to utilize fossil free fuel (they are using biodiesel such as HVO, ethanol and gas) in Sweden. Keolis currently […]

Swedish Lapland: Little but Fierce

Piteå Population: 42,000 Our class was fortunate enough to visit a few companies during our stay in Norrbotten and so we started off our tour with the only tannery in the world that utilizes spruce bark to color their leather products, Bōle. Bōle has passed down the company business and production traditions generation after generation which was […]

Scandinavia, here we come!

As the time nears for our departure to Scandinavia, I begin to think of all of the markets / communities (big and small) that we will be discovering on this adventure. From Pitea, Sweden to Oslo, Norway, each market will have its own groups of unique small businesses (I.E. tech start-up) up to large businesses […]