Sweden – Part 2

Malmö, Sweden

Throughout our visits, it was very evident that Scandinavian countries value their natural resources immensely and are strategic in the way that they promote eco-friendly products. A little town in Southern Sweden, Malmö, was no different.

Orbital Systems

When you have NASA as a customer, the opportunities for growth are endless. Orbital Systems uses a water recycling technology to transform “the way we see and use water” since their goal is to “radically change clean water’s availability to all”. During our meeting with Orbital Systems, they presented some very shocking facts about fresh water. Of all the water in the world, only 1% is considered fresh water and of that 1%, 67% goes towards agriculture, 22% heavy industry, 11% domestic use and of that domestic use, 35% of it is water is used in the shower.

Magical Water Recycling Shower Systems

Orbital Systems' technology filters water by removing bacterias and viruses. It is able to distinguish between water that can be salvaged and water that will be sent to the sewers. The water recycling technology provides 90% savings in water consumption and 80% savings in energy consumption. Although, their current customers are more in the commercial segment with an emphasis on hotels, public pools and gyms, their goal is to be in every household throughout the world.They have a couple of product options for installation. The price was noted to be 995 SEK for 1 unit.

A way that Orbital Systems plans on being a market leader in this eco-friendly initiative is by making their products from start to finish therefore perfecting their product as needed without being dependent other companies. Maybe they wouldn't classify their technology as magical but when they were explaining the process, it was definitely was something out of a Hollywood movie (I.E. Something along the lines of Demolition Man – Yes, this is an older movie but a goodie!).


During our trip in Malmö, we also visited Pågen which was such a treat. Pågen was established in 1878 as a small bakery and has since grown to be a socially responsible company that creates baked goods without preservatives that sells its products in 25 countries. Their products' ingredients are locally sourced, are produced with energy efficient means, and Pågen is committed to reducing waste. Throughout our visit there was no questioning that they really do bake with love.

Thanks Malmö!