Different Mindset at Media Evolution City

While in Malmö, we were able to visit Media Evolution City. The concept for this space is to allow businesses of all different shapes and sizes to work together in one hub where creative juices are constantly flowing. The hope is that businesses are able to mingle with each other and bounce ideas off of […]

Media Evolution

Media Evolution is a nonprofit organization that brings together the innovative tech agencies, the creatives, the big corps, the strategists, and the local municipalities. Their goal is to foster growth and innovation in the digital world. They do so by offering a platform with plenty of formats for sharing ideas, developing competencies, and innovation processes. […]

Media Evolution City – fostering community through shared office space

On Jun 7, 2022 our class was given the opportunity to visit Media Evolution City, a space for the non-profit enterprise where earnings go back to the member organization. Upon arriving, we were greeted by the business developer for Media Evolution, Pernilla Lavensson who shared that they are an innovative center and community for digital […]

Hello Malmö

After a week in Stockholm, we made our way to Malmö. Malmö was a very different city than Stockholm- it varied in architecture, scale, and warmth. On Tuesday June 7th, we visited Media Evolution City which was located next to the old ports Malmo is known for. After entering the building, it gave us the […]

Redefining Media Evolution in Malmö and Beyond

Media Evolution is an innovative company in southern Sweden. Pernilla Lavesson, the Community Manager, stated that Media Evolution is not a start-up, but rather a collaborative effort company. The company was founded in 2011, and its competitive advantage is a triple helix that focuses on collaboration with the community, universities, and regional organizations. Media Evolution […]

Malmö Money, Mo Problems with Office Space

Hello to the rainy little town of Malmö! As Sweden’s third largest city we had the pleasure of exploring the southernmost part of Sweden. We traveled to Lund, Smygehuk, and Skanör which all well illustrated the beauty of the souths’ culture. Here in Malmö, we had the pleasure of visiting a company called Media Evolution […]

Modern Arch’

Bold architecture made its mark in Malmo While in Malmo, we had short visit to a remarkable building known as the Turning Torso. Known as the worlds first twisting skyscraper, the tower completes a 90 degree twist from bottom to top. Completed in 2005 the tower is still the tallest in Scandinavia at 190 meters […]

Sweden – Part 2

Malmö, Sweden Throughout our visits, it was very evident that Scandinavian countries value their natural resources immensely and are strategic in the way that they promote eco-friendly products. A little town in Southern Sweden, Malmö, was no different. Orbital Systems When you have NASA as a customer, the opportunities for growth are endless. Orbital Systems uses […]

Malmö is Keeping Sweden Green

We detoured from Copenhagen because of a national holiday to go back to Sweden. Our business tour began at Orbital Systems in the small, but mighty town of Malmö. Orbital Systems is considered the shower of the future. Their shower was initially designed for space so that minimal water was used while optimal cleaning was […]

Change the way

R&D is very long and tortuous process. When I was working in the HR team, I had recruited about 10 R&D experts for my company. But situations that was not expected occurred and experts always lacked. The success of R&D project is very uncertain. Although R&D succeed, it is totally different problem if the product […]