Malmö is Keeping Sweden Green

We detoured from Copenhagen because of a national holiday to go back to Sweden. Our business tour began at Orbital Systems in the small, but mighty town of Malmö. Orbital Systems is considered the shower of the future. Their shower was initially designed for space so that minimal water was used while optimal cleaning was provided. Orbital Systems was able to make this possible through a closed loop shower system. This closed loop shower system works by filtering out the dirty unclean water such as soapy, skin particle filled water and recycles the clean water which then is re-used while showering.

The concept behind Orbital Systems will take recycling water to a new level in allowing people to shower freely without worrying about their water usage and the potential to be applied to countries with low water quality and low water availability.  

The next company we visited in Malmö was Pågen, a family run company which started in 1878 and has kept their motto and ideals of “Baking with Love” since then and has grown on on an international level. What makes Pågen unique is their adaptation and awareness of environmental needs. They are considerate to climate changes and using sustainable energy. Pågen sources from local farmers and use their own raw ingredients including yeast, syrup, and sourdough, their bakeries are energy-efficient, and the trait which stands out the most is how they will take back old bread from their retailers and recycle the bread to use as food for their yeast to use in new bread products.

The steps taken by Pågen to reduce their food waste is a huge advantage and is consistent with the sustainability practices of Sweden. Everything counts when it comes to being sustainable and minimizing waste within the environment, thus all actions, either big or small, taken by each company in Sweden reinforces their title of being the greenest country in Europe.

Team 17-4