End of the road

The Scandinavian Travel Course finally ended. I have experienced unforgettable visits, sceneries, and people. At this point of end, I want to review my journey to Scandinavian countries.   We visited a large variety of institutions in terms of scale and characteristic. Some companies started their business just a few years ago. Some companies are […]

Green energy in Denmark

I didn’t know about Danish industry before this course. The “Lego” in that my first daughter is interested in, and pastries are the only Danish products what I know about. Today (June 6, 2017) I came to know about the world-leading Danish company in wind power field, “DONG energy.” The business areas of the company […]

Change the way

R&D is very long and tortuous process. When I was working in the HR team, I had recruited about 10 R&D experts for my company. But situations that was not expected occurred and experts always lacked. The success of R&D project is very uncertain. Although R&D succeed, it is totally different problem if the product […]

Not Talent, But Virtue

I didn’t know about “Spotify” before this travel course. But other peers of mine seemed to know the company and use its video streaming service. After some research, I was astounded at its rapid growth and a wide range of customers (over 100 million all over the world). Spotify’s business model is “Premium to premium” […]

The world’s oldest central bank

Today(June 1, 2017), we visited the world’s oldest central bank, Riksbank, which was established in 1668. The motto of the Bank is Hinc robur et securitas, which is Latin for “Herefore strength and safety” Riksbank introduced and has maintained negative interest rates because the recession of Euro Zone lasted and ECB (European Central Bank)’s quantitative […]

Start-ups in Sweden

  I am working in a government-invested company. The company is in a nearly monopoly status, and is considered as a very stable and non-risky company. I am also accustomed to the stable circumstances on working in the company for about ten years. However, I am awakened to the entrepreneurship spirit today in Swedish small […]