Green energy in Denmark

I didn’t know about Danish industry before this course. The “Lego” in that my first daughter is interested in, and pastries are the only Danish products what I know about. Today (June 6, 2017) I came to know about the world-leading Danish company in wind power field, “DONG energy.” The business areas of the company are composed of 4 main categories, “Wind Power”, “Distribution & Customer Solution”, “Bioenergy & Thermal Power”, and “Oil & Gas.” The revenue of 2016 was about $ 9.2 billion, and the EBITDA of 2016 was about $ 2.9 billion.


Office of DONG energy 1

I heard several years ago that renewable energy like wind power was not profitable and should be subsidized from the government. But DONG energy has made already wind power as its most profitable area of its business through scale, innovation, and industrialization. Wind power area accounts for over 60% of its total EBITDA. The offshore wind cost has reduced from 156 EUR/MWh of 2014 to 62 EUR/MWh of 2017. The speed of technical innovation is surprising.


I was so impressed DONG energy’s future-oriented vision and mission. DONG energy’s strategic direction is as follows. First, its vision is to lead the energy transformation. Second, its mission is to develop energy systems that are green, independent, and economically viable. Third, “Compete from market leading positions and grow through innovation.” Finally, “Make green energy cheaper than black energy.”


I thought so far, I was very interested in global environment and preventing global warming. But I realized through visiting DONG energy, that my interest and knowledge about renewable energy was so superficial and shallow. The researchers and engineers in DONG energy have actualized our dream of green energy, and have contributed to relieving global warming and saving the world. Passion without knowledge is useless.

Office of DONG energy 2


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