End of the road

The Scandinavian Travel Course finally ended. I have experienced unforgettable visits, sceneries, and people. At this point of end, I want to review my journey to Scandinavian countries.


Stockholm airport, beginning of the road

We visited a large variety of institutions in terms of scale and characteristic. Some companies started their business just a few years ago. Some companies are in the position of world leader in their industry. Some institutions’ mission is to support entrepreneurs’ ideas, and some institutions’ mission is to handle macro-economic policy of a country.


I found common features of people whom we met during our visits of institutions. First, they knew their role and mission clearly. They seemed to know the meaning of their work, the present position of their institutions, and the future direction of their work and institutions. Second, they had passion for their work and achievement. They presented their duties intensely and in confidence to students whom they met for the first time and didn’t know if would meet again.


Oslo, end of the road

This course is so valuable to me, giving me the opportunity to look at myself. Do I know the real meaning of my work? Do I have ardor for my duties? Now I stand at a turning point of my career. I want to fully take advantage of learning opportunity in Chapman MBA course, and want to be a passionate professional like people whom I met in the Scandinavian Travel Course. There is a new road in front of me.


Team #17-8