Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm   Upon arrival in Stockholm, it was apparent that the Swedish culture remained strong, even in a bigger metropolitan city. At Keolis, a transportation company based out of France, has become the first bus transportation company to utilize fossil free fuel (they are using biodiesel such as HVO, ethanol and gas) in Sweden. Keolis currently […]

Not Talent, But Virtue

I didn’t know about “Spotify” before this travel course. But other peers of mine seemed to know the company and use its video streaming service. After some research, I was astounded at its rapid growth and a wide range of customers (over 100 million all over the world). Spotify’s business model is “Premium to premium” […]

Team Pitea visit to Spotify

Once we reached the beautiful city of Stockholm we headed to the hotel, dropped off our bags, and changed into some proper attire in the hotel restroom because our rooms were not yet ready. We then grabbed a quick bite to eat and embarked on a two-mile walk to the wonderful company Spotify. To be […]


Spotify is a commercial music streaming service company all of us have heard of. Many of us even have an account and utilizes their service on a regular basis. Actually visiting their headquarters gave us an opportunity to look deeper into their operations. Their building was very hip and young, resembling a typical tech company […]