Skelleftea and the Creative Summit

It was very hard for me to properly pronounce the name of this city until my professor gave me the proper way to say it, it’s pronounced “she left you.” Not the best selling point for the city but it was really funny that now I can say it perfectly. We visited this city to […]


Very nice to visit such a small unknown town in the middle of nowhere. It is said to be the home of the infamous Santa Claus. I went and visited the arctic circle and Santa Claus’s house but I didn’t see santa. It seemed like it was santa’s vacation summer house that Mrs Claus didn’t know […]

Team Pitea visit to Spotify

Once we reached the beautiful city of Stockholm we headed to the hotel, dropped off our bags, and changed into some proper attire in the hotel restroom because our rooms were not yet ready. We then grabbed a quick bite to eat and embarked on a two-mile walk to the wonderful company Spotify. To be […]

Team Pitea pre trip post

  Milad and I can not wait to get our party on in Sweden!! We will be great ambassadors of Team Pitea and of Chapman University while we pop bottles in Scandinavia. Like any tourists, we like to do our research before entering an entirely new country so we looked at some amusing facts about Sweden. […]