Team Pitea pre trip post


gottenburg blog Milad and I can not wait to get our party on in Sweden!! We will be great ambassadors of Team Pitea and of Chapman University while we pop bottles in Scandinavia. Like any tourists, we like to do our research before entering an entirely new country so we looked at some amusing facts about Sweden.

One fact that is quite interesting and a change from the US way of thinking is that there are no right turns at  red lights in Sweden. Another fun fact about Sweden is that since 2004 all employers are required to provide free massages. Any product purchased in Sweden is automatically gauranteed for one year and if that product fails in that one year the retailer must exchange that product. Swedish school students do not pay a tuition, instead they pay a membership fee to the student union, and American textbooks can be purchased for much cheaper in Sweden then in the United States. On Easter, children dress up as witches and go Trick or Treating. All the employees get a five week paid vacation a year. If you have a new child, all your other children get a month of free daycare in a year so that you can focus on the new child. When it comes to downsizing employees, companies need to use a first-in-last-out order. Just looking at a few of these amusing facts, we have learned a lot and ready to embrace ourselves in the scandinavian culture. Can't wait! They wont know what hit them! IMG_1476