Very nice to visit such a small unknown town in the middle of nowhere. It is said to be the home of the infamous Santa Claus. I went and visited the arctic circle and Santa Claus’s house but I didn’t see santa. It seemed like it was santa’s vacation summer house that Mrs Claus didn’t know about.

land of the midnight sun

land of the midnight sun

From a marketing perspective they did a good job on selling the santa claus aspect. If I were them I would try and advertise a little bit more about what they have to offer because tell you the truth for such a small town they have a lot to offer. You have the ability to hit the longest drive ever on a golf course, if you hit the ball the right way it will take one hour for it to land. I really wanted to try it out but we were not there long enough. Instead I was forced to go white water rafting, which is the first time I have tried it. To tell you the truth it was really fun but I wish it was a little bit more scary, it was a great workout though. It was also really nice to get away from the city atmosphere and be one with nature for a little bit, have some time for self-reflection and a detoxification for my body. Saunas are another huge selling point for the place, and it was really nice to just sit there and sweat out all the madness from the prior places I had just visited. All in all, I had a great time in Kukkolaforsen and got some amazing pictures so I will have memories for a lifetime.

whitewater raftingwhitewater rafting

It was crazy when we were white water rafting because we were right on the border of finland and Sweden so we would hit one rapid and it would be 5pm then flip over to another rapid and it would be 4pm. A joke amongst the group was like, “damn the rapid just hit us out of the country.” I am very happy I decided to take this travel course because otherwise I would have never visited such a great place that no one has ever even heard of. I will do my best to spread the word about the place using a marketing term such as word of mouth but I don’t really know if the people from Kukkolaforsen want the place to be big on a world scale. They have a lot of rich history there and it seems like they are doing fine with how things are going.

The North Pole