Skelleftea and the Creative Summit


It was very hard for me to properly pronounce the name of this city until my professor gave me the proper way to say it, it's pronounced “she left you.” Not the best selling point for the city but it was really funny that now I can say it perfectly. We visited this city to attend an event entitled the creative summit. I was very sad to hear that I would not be able to attend day two of the event, which is when our professor would be giving his speech. However, on a good note, I will be taking his course on international marketing in the fall so I will probably get the benefit of hearing the speech again.

creative summit

Day one of the creative summit was very exciting. I got to network with some very amazing people. I am extremely upset that my phone was broken the whole time I was in the city could not have video evidence of all I did there. After the event we had a mixer next to our hotel with food and drinks, so everyone could really let their hair down and get to know each other. I became really good friends with the photographer of the event, he happens to be a skateboarder, which is a small passion of mine even though I have not skateboarded in a very long time. Coincidentally he happened to have a skateboard with him so I had to put my money where my mouth is and go out and challenge him in a game of skate for a beer. S.k.a.t.e. is kind of like the game P.I.G. or H.O.R.S.E. in basketball if that better helps explain it. Putting all excuses on the table, I was wearing sperry boat shoes, it was raining, I had been drinking for about 3 hours prior, and I haven’t skateboarded in over year, and I still managed to win the game. I was very happy to take him up on his offer for the beer.

getting creative

I met a lot of great people at the event. There was another guy named Damion, who was kind of running the event. He had us do this exercise where we write down ideas in certain brackets to find ways to bring people to Sweden and even more to schellfeteo. I gave him a million dollar idea, at the event and when I saw him at the mixer we talked about it more. Right now its super alpha stage but I do see some real potential in the idea and I know he does as well. Im pretty sure we will be talking further about the idea and I will return to schellfeteou to further talk about this idea. He was a really nice guy and I see some opportunities by further speaking with him. Hopefully my million dollar idea will actually turn out to be one. I would mention what it is, but I've already told too many people. I need to get it patented before I tell anyone else. All in all, it was a great event and I'm super grateful that I got to attend it.