Spotify is a commercial music streaming service company all of us have heard of. Many of us even have an account and utilizes their service on a regular basis. Actually visiting their headquarters gave us an opportunity to look deeper into their operations. Their building was very hip and young, resembling a typical tech company in Silicon Valley.


Spotify is compromised of two products: free (with ads) and premium (no ads, no commitment). Currently, they have 10 million premium subscribers and 40 million actual monthly users. With 20 million songs in their online library and 1.5 billion playlists, 20,000 songs are played each day in every market. Even though there are still a couple countries such as Canada and Japan and where Spotify is not available, they are rapidly expanding with Brazil being their most recent official launch only a week ago.


In order to market their brand, Spotify has worked on general stories everyone can relate to. They have realized that their followers on Twitter are not mainstream; therefore, they use tricky jokes such as Star Wars references on this platform. Generally, Spotify focuses on creating organic conversations around music. As such, Spotify does not spend much money on marketing but utilizes social platforms to get their brand known.