End of the Odyssey

It just fees like yesterday I was being greeted by a cold and rainy Helsinki afternoon! To say this trip has been a pleasant surprise would be an understatement. Over the past 2 weeks, I had the honor of being exposed to four unique ethnic cultures. Estonia’s plight to modernize was tangible the moment I […]

Modern Arch’

Bold architecture made its mark in Malmo While in Malmo, we had short visit to a remarkable building known as the Turning Torso. Known as the worlds first twisting skyscraper, the tower completes a 90 degree twist from bottom to top. Completed in 2005 the tower is still the tallest in Scandinavia at 190 meters […]

Move it with Maersk

The little Danish shipper that survived the storms While in Copenhagen, we visited Maersk Group, the worlds largest containership operator and associated services. Our hosts Jonas Linnebjerg, Thomas Lassen, and Frederik Dago very graciously shared some knowledge about Maersk and the company’s strategy. The parent company Maersk Group had total revenue of ~$39 billion in […]

Suomi! May 26-29

After 2 flights, over 11 hours of traveling, I’ve made it to Helsinki. While the weather was mostly gray and a little rainy, it didn’t take away any of the city’s serenity. My impression of the Finnish is that they are well spoken, polite, and a quiet people. They speak English very well on average, […]

Spotlight on Finnish Cleantech firm: OceanVolt

Hey, Jeff here. We’re leaving Finland and en route to Estonia after an enlightening tour of Finnish companies and entrepreneur groups. I found this interesting Finnish company so check it out! Cleantech for Boats OceanVolt is a Finnish growth stage company that produces electric powerplants for boats. Most boats are currently powered by fossil fuels […]

The Odyssey to the Great North!

A little bit about Me My name is John Deirmenjian, and I have just completed my first year at Chapman University’s MBA program. I recieved my Bachelor’s in European and Middle Eastern History from Bucknell Universty. My hobbies and interests include swimming, surfing, water polo, yoga, mixed martial arts, reading any kind of fiction, and […]