The Odyssey to the Great North!


A little bit about Me

My name is John Deirmenjian, and I have just completed my first year at Chapman University's MBA program. I recieved my Bachelor's in European and Middle Eastern History from Bucknell Universty. My hobbies and interests include swimming, surfing, water polo, yoga, mixed martial arts, reading any kind of fiction, and watching most genres of entertainment. Prior to this journey, I have traveled to Canada, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Spain, France, and my ancestral homeland Armenia. I am a 2nd generation Armenian-American, and my culture is very important to me (I speak Armenian as a 2nd language). I've always been conscious and curious of people's backgrounds and origins, and I'm looking forward to as I traverse northern Europe. I am excited to observe these cultures and learn about each respective nation's history, and how it has influenced their way of conducting business.

What to look For

While learning about the history of the various people I am about to be exposed to is certainly important, I want to see how these interactions influence the businesses I will see. I will focus on values such as Folkhemmet, Lagom, and Fika are particular areas of interest within the context of business and social interactions. American companies can certainly learn new concepts that can amplify employee satisfaction while boosting productivity. I want to see how these concepts are implemented within the workforce and the depth of its influence. Additionally, I will hone in on how these values interwine with these companies as they emphasize on efficiency and sustainability. Scandinavian countries are incredibly conscious of their impact on the planet, and most countries can certainly follow suit. I want to see how these companies implement their initiatives with sustainability as the chief focus. Ultimately, my desire is to gain a holistic understanding of why these concepts are successful in Scandinavia, and apply them to my career.

Companies in Scandinavia are progressive and show the capability to have an egalitarian society that can successfully achieve a feasible balance. I want to learn how they manage to translate a work-life balance into success. Shorter and more flexible hours show an ability to accommodate employees, and the inclusive nature of Scandinavian culture. Scandinavia's social progression has trickled into its businesses, and as a result amplifies employee happiness. Scandinavian hospitality is something I can appreciate as it is ingrained in my cultural background, and I relish the chance to see quirks of each nation.