Scandinavia, here we come!

As the time nears for our departure to Scandinavia, I begin to think of all of the markets / communities (big and small) that we will be discovering on this adventure. From Pitea, Sweden to Oslo, Norway, each market will have its own groups of unique small businesses (I.E. tech start-up) up to large businesses (I.E. Spotify) that are awaiting our arrival. It is known that many inventions have originated from Sweden such as the propeller, dynamite, respirator, telephone switch…etc. so to be able to visit a country that has contributed so much to the world, will be very gratifying in itself.

I am also looking forward to seeing how each country approaches their business relationships as well as see what gives them their competitive advantage that helps set them apart. I am especially looking forward to what each culture has to offer with respect to food: from meatballs to cardamom rolls. Can't wait to take it all in! Both literally and figuratively, of course.

Hasta la vista! Trevlig resa!