Goodbye Sweet Sweden- Business Sweden & Volvo and Volvo Group

Business Sweden established themselves by stating, “We are business developers with a unique mandate to help Swedish companies grow global sales and international companies invest and expend in Sweden.” The mission of the Business Sweden is to assist startup companies with the creation and expansion of the company. According to Cecilia Öberg Leiram, their mission […]

Saab- Cutting-Edge Military Technology with a Cultural Lens

The company Saab is a well-known aerospace and defense company, and its core product segments are land, naval, air, and security.  Saab collaborates with a wide range of businesses and countries. Understanding the cultures of different countries is highly important to ensure clear and effective communication to avoid delays with business contracts. It might be […]

Sunday’s celebration in Finland

We were just walking on the streets of Helsinki and then there they were, they could not be ignored. Who in the world can ignore a procession of beautiful women in the streets of Helsinki, adorned with the most shinny and colorful ornaments, blasting the whole town with a variety of Brazilian music and gyrating […]

A video for everyone

Thanks all my classmates that made this trip unforgettable! We made a video to memorize this supercalifragilisticexpialidocious two weeks! Enjoy!!!  

Lulea and Facebook

We had the opportunity of listening, to Matz Engman; He told us love a story of Facebook and Lulea and how Lulea managed to become Facebook’s first choice for a data center. Lulea had to compete with other cities across the world for this to happen. This was not easy being a small town. State […]

Kai Brach

When Kai was giving as a speech on his journey I could not help but be awed at how strong and disciplined he must be and what will power. Not many people can start to publish by self teaching. Kai went on and learnt a lot about designing and editing almost all that he had to […]


We visited Kukkolaforsen, it is one of the most beautiful places in Sweden and borders Finland. Since Finland is ahead in time the locals usually joke that they are looking into the future when they look across to Finland. Finland and Sweden are separated by the Tornio River. Kukkolaforsen has a lot of history. We […]

See you soon! Scandinavia!

Scandinavian culture is incredible. I truly believe that the United States could learn a lot from the way Swedish people live, act, and do business. The most key take-a-ways about the culture are how humble they are and how much they care about the rest of the world. Their civic duty is limitless and that […]

The Nobel Museum

  If you visit Stockholm, you can visit the Nobel Museum. There is a 20 minute tour on Albert Nobel. He was born in Sweden and separated from his father at a very young age only to be reunited with him in Russia at the age of nine. Although Albert Nobel wanted to be come […]

The Vasa: The world’s only preserved Seventeenth Century Ship

  When you go to Stockholm City, You will be taken away by its beauty. The people are warm and friendly and most of the building are not just plane they have character, and tell a lot about the history of Sweden. One of the most marvelous places to visit is the Vasa Museum. It […]