Kai Brach



When Kai was giving as a speech on his journey I could not help but be awed at how strong and disciplined he must be and what will power. Not many people can start to publish by self teaching. Kai went on lynda.com and learnt a lot about designing and editing almost all that he had to learn.  His magazine “offscreen”  can be bought on www.offscreenmag.com. He is an inspiration to all young people. You can do whatever you want. You can learn online if you put in the effort.  At breakfast with Kai he recommended I take duo lingo as I intend to learn French. He also reccomended I take a train to Amsterdam if I have time from dusoldof. What am Kai driving at? Kai is that guy you can meet and you can talk and feel comfortable to share ideas and information. He has a great attitutude the kind you need to learn stuff on your own and stay positive when hard times come till you make it through.