We visited Kukkolaforsen, it is one of the most beautiful places in Sweden and borders Finland. Since Finland is ahead in time the locals usually joke that they are looking into the future when they look across to Finland. Finland and Sweden are separated by the Tornio River. Kukkolaforsen has a lot of history. We visited the fisherman museum. Long ago locals used the river to run the flour mills. When the volume of the water is high the turbines turn which causes the mill to run and grind the seeds into flour. The bread in Kukkolaforsen is made by the locals and it can be very crunchy or soft it all depends on what you like. They also make very tasty cookies. We had the opportunity to eat Santas reindeer poor;  Santa we hope that we still get presents this year, we tried to be nice. The saunas are amazing in Kukkolaforsen. The rooms are mainly made of wood, usually you need to have a bucket of water and occasionally you pout some water to the heating rocks and the steam comes out leaving your body feeling very soft and relaxed. After about a week of traveling the sauna gave us huge relief. They have different types of saunas. You do not  believe this? Come see for your self. One of the most thrilling experiences when we went white water rafting on the Kukkolaforsen river the rapids was great. It was very exhilarating. The thought that the water could snatch you out of your boat somehow but it does not, is so exciting. You can also go kayaking and experience the beauty of Kukkolarforsen in a very magical and relaxed manner. You can also go camping, it's a very adventures place or go fishing if you are lucky you will catch a fish. Bellona gave it a try. The houses are painted red and white, this is done to preserve the history of Kukkolaforsen. The houses have always been red because a long time ago the locals could only find red okre to paint their homes.