Sunday’s celebration in Finland

We were just walking on the streets of Helsinki and then there they were, they could not be ignored. Who in the world can ignore a procession of beautiful women in the streets of Helsinki, adorned with the most shinny and colorful ornaments, blasting the whole town with a variety of Brazilian music and gyrating their hips like they do in Hawaii?! We had to stay and admire those moves. We had only been in Helsinki for a day or two we did not have the slightest clue that this was going to happen and we all wondered who they were, what were festival they were celebrating? We try to unravel the mystery. These women were dancing to a Brazilian dance Samba. It is a dance that promotes the well being of the mind, body and soul. It strengthens your core, spine, and helps with posture and balance. In Helsinki the audience was about 20 -30,000 with over 1000 dancers, most of the dancers  and musicians from the Association of in Finland (ASSF)an umbrella uniting all Finnish Samba Schools. This dance lasts 100 days! We witnessed the 24th Samba Dance in Helsinki which had started on June 7th 2014. The dance is mainly by students from samba schools who compete amongst themselves. Other groups also join in it is meant to promote the samba schools in Helsinki. We must say they are doing a good job because team potatis is now blogging about them.  So if you plan to stay in Helsinki and you want something fun to do and meet people… the women are beautiful … It will not hurt you to enroll to a Samba class. We hope that you will have lots of fun and that you will tell us all about it in the meanwhile enjoy this short video. To learn more about Samba dance go to or