Business in Scandinavia 2014 is getting ready

15 hours of on-campus classes this week, very exciting 🙂 At least, the group is fast becoming quite literate in Scandinavian/Swedish business culture and traditions with an emphasis on concepts such as: Lagom. The Swedish word for not too much, not too little, just about right, or everything in moderation. Get to the point. Swedes […]

Scandinavia’s Home Market: The World

Throughout our trip, there has been one approach to operating a business in Scandinavia which seems much different from the average start-up in the United States. The approach we are referencing is rooted in the business attitudes of operating internationally. For example, a start-up in the United States may have only domestic plans for the […]

Social media helping internal communication.

The social media world is connecting companies to the outside market more and more these days. However, it’s also an avenue for companies to communicate internally as well. This is a social media evolution that is going to spread like wild fire for global companies, especially when they see the value of time saved when […]

Ericsson’s Hiring Practices

Visiting Ericsson’s campus in Stockholm was a memorable experience. Ericsson has always been ahead of their time in technology developments, but what is also compelling is their growing investment in computer science engineers for their Research and Development organizations. After learning about the new directions that Ericsson is navigating such as connecting anything even trees […]