Business in Scandinavia 2016 sold out

The 6th edition of the 6th edition of the wildly popular Business in Scandinavia MBA Travel Course is now fully subscribed. Stay tuned for updates from the trip taking place early June 2016!

Business in Scandinavia 2014 is getting ready

15 hours of on-campus classes this week, very exciting 🙂 At least, the group is fast becoming quite literate in Scandinavian/Swedish business culture and traditions with an emphasis on concepts such as: Lagom. The Swedish word for not too much, not too little, just about right, or everything in moderation. Get to the point. Swedes […]

Business in Scandinavia 2012

The third edition of Business in Scandinavia is being offered for the Summer of 2012. Please refer to the Business in Scandinavia Facebook Page for updates. If you are a Chapman University MBA student interested in participating, please send an email to Niklas Myhr at myhr  at to learn if a late add is […]