Scandinavia’s Home Market: The World

Throughout our trip, there has been one approach to operating a business in Scandinavia which seems much different from the average start-up in the United States. The approach we are referencing is rooted in the business attitudes of operating internationally. For example, a start-up in the United States may have only domestic plans for the […]

Challenging the Core Business Model

Scandinavian companies, as our team has come to realize recently, tend to stick out in regards to their longevity and ability to change quickly with macroeconomic trends. This characteristic can be seen as a major difference between the American business structure, where companies may come and go in a quicker lifecycle or be slower in […]

The Do-It-Yourself Culture of Scandinavia

Throughout our visit, we’ve taken notice that Swedish businesses have a tendency to spend special attention to pushing tasks onto the consumer, or looking for solutions, which use less human capital entirely in the product or service process. The realization of this trend came when dining in Gotland, yesterday. At the restaurant we stopped at […]