Ericsson’s Hiring Practices

Visiting Ericsson’s campus in Stockholm was a memorable experience. Ericsson has always been ahead of their time in technology developments, but what is also compelling is their growing investment in computer science engineers for their Research and Development organizations. After learning about the new directions that Ericsson is navigating such as connecting anything even trees that sense changes in the electromagnetic field around it as people pass and sends tweets as people pass that reflect its mood, it is no wonder that they are recruiting as many as 700 employees per year to focus on innovative technology.

In 2012, Ericsson spent more than $5 billion in Research and Development, which is a 6% increase over 2011. In the 2012 letter to shareholders, Hans Vestberg, President & CEO of Ericsson, mentions that “despite a challenging year for Networks, we remain almost the size of number two and three combined in the market […] and we have maintained a strong market share in mobile network equipment.” In 2012, Ericsson held a 13% market share.

Kristoffer Jaworska Persson, University Recruiter at Ericsson, is in charge of recruiting recent graduates from Sweden. He focuses on obtaining top talent from the Royal Institute of Technology, Chalmers, and Linkoping University. Persson emphasizes that Ericsson puts value on applicants that not only match the position characteristics, but also exemplify “passion and potential for development, great people skills, global mind-set, flexibility, and ability to work independently.” While most hires are freshly minted engineering graduates, Ericsson does recruit a handful of individuals with a Master of Science in Business Administration.