Survival through Adaptation

Our last visits in Gothenburg and Copenhagen took us to a start up incubator named Chalmers Innovation along with two established banks with Nordea Bank and Denmark National Bank. Traditionally, the biggest companies in Sweden are owned by a few major owners which has persisted over many years of time. This idea contrasts with those […]

The Future of Safety: The Story of Volvo

On Monday June 10, we were incredibly fortunate to visit Volvo Cars where we learned the history of Volvo and their current business outlook with the VP of human resources. Afterwards, we were given an in-depth walking tour of the safety features of Volvo cars and how their future plans would lead to their grand […]

Doing Your Best Is Enough

In a global environment where everyone is attempting to do everything at once, there still remains companies that believe in specializing in their core competencies and doing it better than anyone else. During our visits to companies such as Klarna, Sandvik, and Saab Group, each of these Swedish companies continue to operate successfully over time […]

Scandinavia’s Cultural Influence

Greetings everyone! Steve Mannix and I represent Team Stockholm and we will provide the latest and greatest information about how culture in Scandinavia affects their management models and their general outlook on their business practices. Along with this point, we will observe how social media is used to impact their marketing tactics and putting out […]