The Way of the Scandinavian Viking King

Scandinavian Viking History 

The Scandinavian countries all have one common link, they are descendants of Vikings. A group of people from the Scandinavian countries who sailed from A.D 800 to the 11th century. They were considered pirates, raiders, traders, and settlers in the British isles. The viking culture was much more than what Europe thought of them, European countries thought they were barbarian who wanted to destroy civilization. On the contrary, the vikings had a social systems like other established society. In addition to villages, the vikings had lords and class system. The lords ruled over the villages with their laws. During my research on Vikings, there is about six items that we use everyday that we owe to the Vikings. The Vikings had a hand in  shipbuilding, Dublin, skies, combs, sagas, and languages.

During the #ChapmanScandinavia2017 Travel course, I was able to visit the ‘Vikingskiphuset‘, the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, Norway.

Viking Bowl

Viking Bowl

Viking Burial Ships

It was customary to bury their lords and chiefs with in Nordic beliefs. Massive ship, filled with offerings was placed in the ground with their deceased royalty to honor the loss and tell their heroic story. It was a ritual to filled the ships with treasures for the Nordic Chiefs because it was a sign of respect and love. The ships were buried in the ground and covered with dirt and grave markings.

A cultural trip to the Vikingskiphuset, where  I was able to see the Osberg and Gokstad Burial ships. The Osberg ship was use for two elite women in the Nordic village. The ship dates back to AD 834. Oak wood was the main building material and it measured to be 22 meters long. The Osberg ship is one of the most lavish ships discovered and scientist believed it was not used for long sea voyages because the design.


Osberg Ship


Gokstad Ship

The Viking Lands

In addition to the museum, I walked around the area and town of the museum for some fresh air. It is evident that the Nordics had the open sea and wind to take them on their adventures. The quick changes in weather may have been hard for the Vikings on their voyage but the view and discovering new land is thrilling.


Oslo Sky

Blue skies for my eyes and fresh air for my lungs was well worth the 10 plus miles I walked during the day to see the amazing sights.

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