Final Reflections of Scandinavia

The United States has had a profound influence on the world with Scandinavia being especially influenced.  Scandinavia has been heavily shaped by World War II, the Cold War, and the geopolitical landscape since.  Sandwiched between the influences of the European Union, Russia, and the US; it has definable influences and yet stands independent.  In this […]

Observations of Sustainability in Scandinavia

As our time in Scandinavia comes to a close we would like to spotlight the overall level of sustainability in Scandinavia.  Having only spent a short amount of time in each country it is important to understand that our impressions may be limited compared to the reality of the situation, but based on our experiences […]

Finland, Sweden, and Russia; a merger of worlds

Sweden and Finland were originally the same country and the mutual influence shows.  Then Tsar Alexander I invaded and in 1809, Sweden ceded Finland to Russia and the two similar countries diverged.  Time went on and eventually Finland became a sovereign nation.  In its history, Finland allied with Nazi Germany to fight Soviet Russia invading […]

Ericsson: a mature company acting in a very innovative manner

Ericsson; a communications giant focusing on global mobile solutions.  Ericsson utilizes both conventional and unconventional approaches to “green” business.  They approach product development with the goal of producing more energy efficient products, as most companies do, but Ericsson backs that belief up with tremendous spending on research and development.  They are also concerned with power […]

Scandinavian business is focused on people

  Sweden is home to many unique and innovative companies, in today’s post we are going to talk about two of them: medical device company, Mölnlycke Healthcare and digital media streaming service, Spotify.   During our travels in Sweden we were lucky enough to get to visit Gothenburg based Mölnlycke Healthcare and learn about how […]

Gothenburg; home of Volvo Cars

Gothenburg is an interesting town.  In the two days that we have been here, a music festival was in town, a protest showing dissatisfaction with Syrian refugees migrating to Sweden, and a gay pride parade complete with fireworks.  The latter two are far different than the norm of Orange County, California: we only have protestors […]

Team Sladdertacka (the gossip sheep)

Sladdertacka is slang for someone who is a gossip.  What more fitting name to be called in reference to a blog? Sustainability and the 3 p’s We have decided to focus our evaluation of Scandinavian business primarily through the lens of observable differences in sustainability from the typical American business as operations effect the people […]