Team Sladdertacka (the gossip sheep)

Sladdertacka is slang for someone who is a gossip.  What more fitting name to be called in reference to a blog?

Sustainability and the 3 p’s

We have decided to focus our evaluation of Scandinavian business primarily through the lens of observable differences in sustainability from the typical American business as operations effect the people involved, the business’ impact on the planet, and how profit varies with respect to decisions and ethics surrounding the business is conducted.

To add some context to our evaluation, allow us to introduce ourselves.

Bill Scholle has worked primarily in technology management supporting manufacturing for a global food packaging and logistics.  Bill has experience in Lean/Kaizen and is familiar primarily with companies reliant on plastics from resin to product and product to consumer.

Aaron Miller is a first year MBA student with interests in economics, technology, and sustainable business practices.  Currently Aaron works directly for the VP of Sustainability at Earth Friendly Products focusing in process improvement and the reduction of waste.  Because of this background Aaron has a strong interest in learning about how Scandinavian companies incorporate sustainable business practices into their corporate culture.
Come with us as we dive deeper into Scandinavian business and share our experiences during this incredible trip.
-Team Sladdertacka