Välkommen till Skandinavien

Greeting from Jared Dean and Emily Hormuth, aka Team Malmö. Jared is a first year MBA student at Chapman emphasizing in finance. Emily is a first year MBA student at Chapman interested in human capital consulting.

We arrived in Stockholm on Friday, May 31st. We have had some great experiences interacting with locals. We met some very friendly people while having a late night meal at Rolfs Kök Friday evening.
1st taste of Stockholm @jareddean23 #bizscand2013
Today, Saturday, June 1st was the Stockholm Marathon. We met a local policewoman, Charlotte, who was enjoying her day off as a VIP at the event. She gave us some great tips on where to visit in the city. She also spoke with us about what it is like working as a policewoman in Stockholm, as she has been in civil servant for 10 years.

Team Malmö will be focusing our blog discussions on talent management and human capital investments in Scandinavia. We hope to learn about the differences and similarities between the United States and Scandinavian countries in terms of how companies attract employees and what it is that employees look for in a career.