Spotify: Music For Everyone!


Question: Is it possible to have a global culture for all of your markets around the world?

Answer: No

Questions: Do you foresee that happening as a possibility in the near future?

Answer: On a global scale it is nearly impossible.

Spotify has dominated the music streaming industry in ways no other company can imagine. They do this by staying local but on a global scale. Each branch stays true to its local surroundings and operates on an individual level while still being a part of a global enterprise. It is this key factor for why they are able to successfully stay true to their customers in every market. In terms of “lagom” they are just enough local and just enough mainstream to be a power player in the industry.

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Another interested point is their lack of wanting to go public with the company. Currently, Spotify is a privately held company and when asked about going public they’ve stated there is neither need nor want to do so at this time. This could potentially be the company trying to hold onto their unique way of creating a company culture within each market they have.