See you soon! Scandinavia!

Scandinavian culture is incredible. I truly believe that the United States could learn a lot from the way Swedish people live, act, and do business. The most key take-a-ways about the culture are how humble they are and how much they care about the rest of the world. Their civic duty is limitless and that […]

Creative Summit

  At the Creative Summit in Skelleftea, there were two main things that were absolutely overwhelming. First was the emphasis on marketing via emotions. Capitalize on the emotions of consumers in order to leverage their loyalty. Adidas VFW sensorial journey was the main example of how to do this. Liz Sivell goes into great detail […]

The Visit to Ericsson

Ericsson is a Swedish multinational provider of communications technology and services. They are a world leader in the rapidly changing environment of communications and technology. They provide equipment, software, and services to mobile and fixed network operations all over the globe. The company is a powerhouse for many reasons. It all begins with the way […]

The Family of Angry Birds

   Rovio created the most popular and successful game ever, the Angry Bird franchise. Reaching over 2 billion downloads; this game has created a cultural movement within itself. By focusing on fans and not customers, the company is able to stay true to this cultural movement it has set in motion. Ambition and team work […]

Spotify: Music For Everyone!

Question: Is it possible to have a global culture for all of your markets around the world? Answer: No Questions: Do you foresee that happening as a possibility in the near future? Answer: On a global scale it is nearly impossible. Spotify has dominated the music streaming industry in ways no other company can imagine. […]

Culture. Evolution. Volvo.

Yesterday we had the privilege to visit the headquarters of Volvo.  It was an interactive and eye opening experience. From test-driving cars to witnessing the innovations behind the scenes, we were able to explore the inner workings of the company. Built around the idea of safety in the early 1920’s, the company has gone through […]