Sinch – Defying Odds Just Like the Bumblebee

We had the amazing privilege of visiting the telecommunications / cloud communications company Sinch at their headquarters in Stockholm. Here we were able to walk around the office space and get an inside look as to how the company operates. Tech companies are well known for their modern interior design and Sinch was no exception. […]

Swede-sational Business!

We had the opportunity today to visit Business Sweden, the Swedish Trade and Invest Council, at the World Trade Center in Stockholm, Sweden. We heard from the Head of Business Ecosystems in Life Science and Digital Technologies, Cecilia Oberg Leiram. Their mission is to allow the opportunity for international companies to invest and expand in […]

Culture. Evolution. Volvo.

Yesterday we had the privilege to visit the headquarters of Volvo.  It was an interactive and eye opening experience. From test-driving cars to witnessing the innovations behind the scenes, we were able to explore the inner workings of the company. Built around the idea of safety in the early 1920’s, the company has gone through […]

Team Lagom

The 15 hours of on campus lectures has come to an end. Team Lagom is ready to take on Scandinavian Culture in all its forms. Lagom is Swedish for “just the right amount”. There is no direct translation, but colloquially that is the equivalent. Lagom can be used in almost any situation. As a team, […]