Team Lagom

Team Lagom, Chapman University, Business in Scandinavia

Team Lagom

The 15 hours of on campus lectures has come to an end. Team Lagom is ready to take on Scandinavian Culture in all its forms.

Lagom is Swedish for “just the right amount”. There is no direct translation, but colloquially that is the equivalent. Lagom can be used in almost any situation. As a team, we are “just the right amount” of spirit. We are “just open-minded enough” to venture to new countries and take in new cultures. We are “just professional enough” to visit different businesses and dissect their environments.

During this trip we will be keeping you updated with all types of culture shocks and findings we encounter. General and business alike; the culture of Scandinavia will unfold in our entries, so stay tuned for an exciting ride through Scandinavian Culture.

The picture to the right include Yvonne Ma and Paula Mattison. Yvonne is from China and I, Paula, am from the United States. Together we will bring two different viewpoints of Scandinavian Culture from two different countries.

First stop, Göteborg! The second largest city in Sweden and fifth largest in all the Nordic countries. During a time in Göteborg, one of the companies we will be visiting is Volvo.