The Family of Angry Birds


Rovio created the most popular and successful game ever, the Angry Bird franchise. Reaching over 2 billion downloads; this game has created a cultural movement within itself. By focusing on fans and not customers, the company is able to stay true to this cultural movement it has set in motion.

Ambition and team work can be seen throughout the entire company. To put it into perspective, the company had created 51 games before the success of the Angry Bird franchise. Meaning they failed 51 times before they were able to get it right. This shows the company is constantly developing redeveloping their products until they reach the point of success.
One of the many things they did that we feel is very interesting is their ability to combine education and the Angry Bird games together. Right now they are trying out this initiative in three different schools in China first before they expand globally. Essentially what they are doing is utilizing a digital media platform as a tool to educate children via reading, games, and entertainment.

Not only are they able to pinpoint the needs of their fan base but they have also established an infrastructure to drive revenue growth as well.  They do this by coordinating their consumer products with all of their digital entertainment. Not solely relying on one or the other, but instead utilizing both mediums simultaneously to act as a catalyst for success.