See you soon! Scandinavia!


Scandinavian culture is incredible. I truly believe that the United States could learn a lot from the way Swedish people live, act, and do business. The most key take-a-ways about the culture are how humble they are and how much they care about the rest of the world. Their civic duty is limitless and that is something that I would like to see rub off on the rest of the world. Too many people go through life without thinking about their neighbor and that is such a tragic world to live in.


Specifically pertaining to our travel study, we were able to see two beautiful countries that are overlooked by many people. It was a wonderful trip. We learnt so much from all the company visits. The areas are varies from company culture to the new technology. From the international point of view, the companies in Scandinavia is much different with the companies in the US and China. The people are well educated and enjoyed their life more than the Americans.

We definitely gonna miss these beautiful cities! The trip was an wonderful experience for Team Lagom! It is just like our team name!