The Visit to Ericsson


Ericsson is a Swedish multinational provider of communications technology and services. They are a world leader in the rapidly changing environment of communications and technology. They provide equipment, software, and services to mobile and fixed network operations all over the globe. The company is a powerhouse for many reasons. It all begins with the way they recruit talent into the company and how they cultivate the company culture. Their core values include professionalism, respect, and perseverance.  The corner stones of talent management include performance, potential, readiness, and fit. These two checklist combined allow for the company culture to thrive and ultimately drive the success of the business.

Therefore the criteria for hiring talent are within understanding of geography, business, scale & scope, and functions that the person brings to the table. Ericsson as a company understands what it takes to harness a culture that drives success so this is what they look for when they assess a potential candidate to hire. Not only do they focus on recruitment but they also emphasize that everyone who contributes to a sale gets credit for it. This idea of everything is a team effort and there is never one victor. The flat structure of the company also facilitates this company culture in that there is access to the top layers in the company such as the creators. This transparency throughout the company highlights and reinforces the necessary culture for them to operate globally but on a local scale.

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The success of this global company is the importance to localize and make it a people business. They emphasize on staying relevant and reaching clients not just the issues at hand. Producing and making things cheaper is a high priority. Due to their ability to operate on such a small scale they have the freedom to act. Without this ability there are more chances to make hurtful decisions to the company. It is easy to earn a lot of money on sidetracks without getting the scale. They are cautious of getting caught up in small projects that could hurt the business. This heightened awareness is all because of the competitive advantage they have of operating on such a small scale.

Overall, Ericsson is definitely changing the technological environment and altering the expectations of company culture and fit. Their abilities reach far and wide and are only getting better. Focusing on their core values, corner stones of talent, as well as localization are key to the success of this company as a whole.